Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting started with CPA Marketing - for Newbies.....

Welcome to read our another article series on CPA Marketing business. You already know what the CPA marketing business is all about, that is to say, in simple terms you as an advertiser of an offer, will get paid every time a consumer takes action on your website. (It may be that your campaign requires a consumer to submit and email or zipcode, possibly fills up a form without neccesarily making use of a credit card.) 
Now there are several CPA networks that you will need to join so you can have access to a huge amount of different types of offers to promote throughout the web, this is your goldmine you could say. Some goods examples are :

CPA Leads             
CPX Interactive        
Commission Junction
Hydra Network         
AzoogleAds               etc.

I must tell you that it may seems a bit difficult to get your application approved by most of the major CPA Networks at the beginning, but the secret is that you should never be discourage by this turn downs. Instead you should try and get around with this unpleasing situation by making a phone call to a CPA network that rejected you and sell yourself on phone. This usually does the trick 90% of the time. In the event that they still reject your application then just move on to the next affiliate network.

My best opinion is to set yourself up with 10-15 different Networks right from the beginning, the process is pretty simple here are some tips that will help you get approved instantly. 


1. When you are applying at the various networks, make sure you mention you are going to be promoting via PPC, Email marketing. The majority of the networks only accept PPC and Email marketing for their offers, now there are some that allow different traffic sources, but I am going by the majority.

2. After you have applied for the network, make sure you send them a personal email and follow up with a phone call. This shows the network you are serious about doing business with them and you will instantly be approved. Also another unknown secret to getting accepted, most network us AIM the instant chat service and you will find most of their AIM screenames on the homepage or sometimes right after you apply it gives you that info, make sure to email them and ask for their number to call them.

PLEASE newbies to making money online, if you have been “romancing” with the idea of making money with CPA marketing, I advice you all to KEEP YOUR HARD EARNED CASH IN YOUR POCKET until you’Ve read Gauher Chaudhry E-book titled "The Insider’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits." 

The E-book will show you how to apply and get accepted into CPA networks, how to select the best paying offers to promote, how to generate traffic to your offers (both paid and free), Using Paid per Click to attract traffic to your offers, testing and tracking your offers etc. The best part about this e-book is that it’s absolutely FREE. 

P.S: Unfortunately this free report doesn’t come with give away rights so in as much as I would have loved to facilitate the process for you by just giving you a direct download link right here, I can’t. You’ll need to opt-in to Gauher Chaudhry list to get the report. Report is about 7MB in size and you should get your link in less than 2 minutes after opting in to his list. You can get a copy by visiting; http:\\

Now i hope this piece of info helps, Do let me know what you think about these tips by leaving your comments below.

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