Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Cash Machine....(Exclusive To My Fellow Nigerians)

May I wish to introduce you to a money making platform where all members pay just N2000 (two thousand Naira) `to make money.

You too can make a fortune here if you so wish. To begin, you are expected to have a minimum credit balance of N100 (one hundred Naira) on your phone; In order to hasten the process, It’s best for you to invite just 2 friends to join under you shortly after your registration. As soon as you do these, you are set to start making money almost immediately.

Even if you cannot find 2 people to join under you, don’t worry the system is designed to automatically place 2 people under you. We call it spillover. Note that you will not pay N2000 to me but to somebody on the platform as you will receive sms telling you whom to pay.

Now let’s go into the details :

The following are the steps to take if you are ready to Register and start making money.

1. To have an account on the platform you will buy your identification code that costs N50 (fifty Naira), 
    We call it cash code. To buy the code, you will send SMS from your phone as this:

From 33324 (i.e the system), You will receive a message confirming your purchase. At that stage, you are a member of the platform. Write your code in a safe place e.g your diary as you will always need your code for further transactions.

2. Now you will have to pair your code with P382264 to be part of the money making team. To pair your code, you will type as sms:


You will send to 33324 making sure there is no space in-between what you have typed. You will receive a message stating:

“congrats your code has paired with (… a code) of (…gsm number)@2000.”

You will now call the gsm number collect his bank details and pay the person. As soon as he/she receives the cash, he will also receive a sms on how to approve your payment so you can move to the next level.

* * *

When the system pair up 2 other codes with yours, these 2 codes(i.e People) will pay you N2000 each. You will have to generate a payment report for each by sending another sms command as follows:


TO 33324 



to 33324

From that moment you are set to be receiving money. People will start calling you to pay you starting from N2000, then N3000, and then N5000 progressively as more people are joining after you.

See what you will receive:

You will receive N2,000 from 2 people making N4,000 and you will pay up N3,000 and retain N1,000! Then after…..

You will receive N3,000 from 4 people making N12,000 and you will pay up N5,000 and retain N7,000! Then after…..

You will receive N5,000 from 8 people making N40,000 and you cycle out.

You can then pay N2,000 and start the process again.

If you are serious about this opportunity, you can be making more than N40,000 from the platform every two weeks. You have nothing to lose, as everybody makes money here because of the way the program is designed.

Please note that all sms to 33324 cost N50 only.

If you still need more details feel free to call me or simply TEXT me on 07086268565 or 07030943681.

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